Item from the Archive – Alan Garner’s Late Permit

The existence of the late permit, or “late pass” as they were colloquially known, indicates the wide geographical area from which MGS boys have been drawn over the years. The idea behind the late permit was to allow boys who had particularly long journeys to school to arrive during or after assembly without sanction.

Garner's Late Pass

The system was in existence as early as the turn of the century. Boys who needed to leave home before 8am to get to school on time were given until 9:20am to arrive rather than the normal start time of 9:05am. By 1952, when Alan Garner’s late pass was issued, the start time had shifted to 9:30 with late boys allowed to arrive half an hour later. Of course the journey from Garner’s home in Alderley Edge would have been a long one.

The late permit system continued into the 1960s, but had vanished by the 1980s. Had improved public transport and increased car ownership rendered it unnecessary? Or had the pace of school life become more pressured and hectic?

Rachel Kneale

4 thoughts on “Item from the Archive – Alan Garner’s Late Permit

  1. I had one in the 60s by which time the first lesson was , I think, a 9.40 start, and the permit allowed me to arrive by 9.35
    Alan Garner’s permit was signed I see by “Simmy” Simpkins a much loved Latin teacher .

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  2. Late passes
    They were still in existence in the 1970s as I had one in the early- mid 1970s and I’m sure my brother also had one (he left in 1979). We came in from Buxton some 25 miles away and had to make first period (start 9.45). Since then I think the geographic catchment area has reduced – I don’t think anyone does that journey from Buxton now – certainly not by train as the service is much reduced..

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